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Sharing your WhatsApp, when is the right time?

When we start talking to someone on a dating website we try to figure out if that person is what we're looking for. There're some aspects that we consider more important than others.

Giving our phone number is a whole new level, or at least it seems to be like for most people. Why? Because when you chat with someone on a dating website you can use a nickname and you feel "safe", but when you decide to share your cellphone number you're giving them a piece of true information about yourself.

When someone has your number they can call you anytime they want and that can be great and useful, but also a nightmare if that person turns out not to be what you were expecting.

Is it the same for girls and boys? We're all about gender equality, but the statistics show that girls are much more resistant to share their number than boys.


What about you, when do you feel like sharing your whatsapp number? Instantly? After I realize we share the same values, it could take weeks? After a couple of days? It depends on the person and the conversation? Or you wouldn't ever share your whatsapp?

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Networks for companies.

Facebook is used not only used for making friends;nowadays it is also a very helpful tool for entrepreneurs and companies.
But, there’re many platforms you can use for your company. Facebook may be the most popular, but it’s not unique
If you really want to have a platform that stands out, you can try Mighty Network, where you can create everything you can think of, and have full access to your members’ data.
Another social option you have is to start a social network on Ning, and it will be your own socialnetwork. It’s different from having only a group is a network that is already created.

On the other hand, people are used to Facebook and Facebook groups are still a considerable choice. Our advice is that you should do a little research and find what your employees and your partners will find more attractive and easy to use.

Important things about your company that you have to include in your group or social network are:
 - A slogan, which has to be attractive.
 -Photographs, which should show the best of your company. What you do, your human capital and even the activities you do that are related to corporate social responsibility.
 -A map (with a link to Google Maps, if possible) where people can see where your company –or where it is headquartered-.
 -Link to the official website.

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Semana Grande!

Like every year, lots of people took part in the “abordaje” (all board) that was celebrated this Monday (August 12th 2017) in San Sebastian. As usual, the atmosphere there was amazing, full of travelers having fun and partying. There were more than 200 boats this year.
The organizers of this event were a little worried because there was a possibility that a “galerna” would come. A galerna is a type of storm which is caused by the windy weather. This was the reason why all the boats stayed in the seaport, to make sure everyone was safe during the celebration. The “galerna” didn’t happen anyway, luckily.
In this celebration all the participants are dressed like pirates, and they start their journey to Concha Beach.

Usually the event would last 35 minutes but many “pirates” tried to stay longer. The funniest part is to stay chilling in the water, while enjoying some delicious drinks.
The weather was excellent for the occasion; it was a hot day (86 degrees Fahrenheit), so the participants were preparing their boats since the morning.

Everyone who goes to this celebration is prepared to party. Have you ever gone to a celebration like this one? What expectations would you have? Many people go with the intention of flirting and making friends. Do you think it’s possible to find the man or woman of your dreams in such a big party? It’s said that everything’s possible.

The “Abordaje” is just one of the many parties that you can go during the “Semana Grande” (Great week).

The Semana Grande (Aste Nagusia) lasts from August 12 to 19, 2017. The celebrations in San Sebastian offer many kinds of activities for adults, teenagers and kids: traditional games, stage plays, fireworks, concerts, gastronomic experiences, and the bullfighting “fiesta”.

The Semana Grande begins with the traditional "Cañonazo”. And the most iconic moments is when thousands of “pirates” arrive to La Concha Beach.

We have created an event on Tin.Dating, so you can find other people who are also going to this great celebration. Let us know if you’ve had a date or made new friends!  Check it here!

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Tinder: Dating in the 21st Century

Online dating came almost hand in hand with the Internet, but with the arrival of Tinder in September 2012 it became more popular. By 2014 the company stated that they’ve had about one billion swipes and around 12 million matches per day, Tinder was the first dating app to incorporate the swiping system, this feature allows users to select other people by their photos, just sliding them to the left or right (dislike or like, respectively), from this, if the other user swipe us right, then a match occurs, is the only way to know if anyone is interested in us (except if we already decided to pay for a premium feature, in this case it’s called Tinder Gold).

To be successful during the use of the app is recomendable to complete our profile and include good photos of us, show to other users who we are, always remember, our profile is our cover letter and Tinder is based on the impact we trigger on others.

Over the years, Tinder decided to incorporate new features (not all of them are for free) among them you can find:

  • Spotify: emerged from an agreement between the two companies, allows us to teach our musical tastes with other users, associating both accounts. It also gives us the chance to choose "our hymn", that song that identifies us and even shows how we are or even how we feel.
  • Moments: it was a function that allowed us to share photos during 24 hours, some kind of Instagram stories’ style. Those images were only available for your matches. It was active until November 2015.
  • Super Like: implemented in late 2015, lets users let know someone else that they “like" them. This feature can only be used once per 24 hours for regular users and six times per day for premium users.

  • Tinder Gold: is an exclusive service for paid memberships, it includes Tinder Plus services and other new features such as: passport (allows us to interact with people from other cities), rewind (turn back users after “disliking” them by mistake), unlimited likes, total control over your profile (hide distance and/or age) and the newest feature that allow us to know who is interested in us even before matching with them!
  • Tinder Select: is the "secret" version of Tinder, only available for celebrities and people with a lot of success in the dating app.
  • Boost: this feature allows us to “highlight” our profile for thirty minutes in our area. You will need to buy each “boost”, but if you are already subscribed on Tinder Plus, you will get one boost per month for free.
  • Groups: it gives us the possibility to create with (at least) a Facebook’s friend a “group”, then you can match with another group to go out all together!
  • Smart photos: using algorithms, Tinder chooses the best photo to help you to get more matches!
  • Tinder Online: The web browser friendly version of the app, it allows you to keep in touch with your matches or even meet new ones without needing to use your smartphone. It is still being tested in the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Canada and Mexico.

Grab your smartphone, download the app from the App Store,

then enjoy the wonderful Tinder experience!


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What does the future hold for you?

I’m not the kind of person who thinks that whatever your horoscope says is irrefutable truth. However, I’ve learnt how to take what I need from reading my horoscope, birth chart, tarot, etc. I strongly believe in science, and astrology is science after all! 

Do you know which animal you’re in Chinese zodiac? Just in case you’re not sure, you can check below, depending on the year you were born:

During this year, there’re a lot of possibilities to transcend our “Tao” (Path). If we’re conscious about our karma, our free will makes us humans different from other species. It’s important to know well the concept of karma: Karma is the universal principle of cause and effect. Whatever we do come back to us in the future, so if we act kindly to others, we will receive kindness too. But if we’re greedy, selfish or envious, that’s what we’ll be suffering then.
Now if you ask me, I’m not 100% sure this is completely correct, because sometimes bad things happen to good people. But one thing is sure: If the concept of karma helps us be better people, then it’s something good to believe in.


The following predictions are related to love, pleasure, personal goals, romantic relationships, according to Chinese Zodiac:


Rats never miss a chance. They enjoy everything to the fullest. They’re likeable and social and they can make you fall in love with them.


Oxen know that life can test them and that’s difficult and full of obstacles. Their patient will be their most valuable quality for love this year.


The ferocity of the tigers is in check this year, and they will show their vulnerable side, humbly.


Rabbits are a dual zodiac. Ying-yang. They have a lot of natural superpowers: their charisma is one of them, and also their sense of humor.


The dragon is the king of the sky, he represent the holy power. They have the innate capacity of leadership, and that will be shown when they relate to other people romantically.


The snake is an object of veneration for is beauty in the East. The Snake and its karmic brother (the Dragon) are the zodiacs that will not reincarnate anymore, and that’s why the will experience it all, they won’t leave any kind of challenge for later.


Horses are known and loved for their free spirit, spontaneity and courage. They’re charismatic, beautiful and genuine. That will help them this year with love.


Good news for sheep: after years of giving their best, they’ll get their reward. They will feel like wings grow from their skin and they can finally start flying.


Monkeys will get back their perseverance: it’s a good time for them to finish what they once started and focus on their plans. They will have chances to show the world that they can be excellent leaders.


It’s true that roosters often get angry for no reason, and sometimes that can affect their relationships with other people. It’s a good year for them to find other ways to calm down without letting their anger affect how they treat their loved ones. They’re able to do it.


Dogs are possessive. They have their own moral rules and they respect them. They’re probably the most loyal zodiac. If a dog is friends with you, they will never let you down.


Pigs tend to be shy and that’s why it’s hard for them to show what they really want. That can affect their romantic relationship. They save their feeling and then what they feel it’s too much to take. This year is perfect for them to try to speak their minds more often and not worry so much about what others may think.

So next time you have a date with someone you knew on Tinder, you can try to predict their future to break the ice! LOL!

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