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Networks for companies.

Facebook is used not only used for making friends;nowadays it is also a very helpful tool for entrepreneurs and companies.
But, there’re many platforms you can use for your company. Facebook may be the most popular, but it’s not unique
If you really want to have a platform that stands out, you can try Mighty Network, where you can create everything you can think of, and have full access to your members’ data.
Another social option you have is to start a social network on Ning, and it will be your own socialnetwork. It’s different from having only a group is a network that is already created.

On the other hand, people are used to Facebook and Facebook groups are still a considerable choice. Our advice is that you should do a little research and find what your employees and your partners will find more attractive and easy to use.

Important things about your company that you have to include in your group or social network are:
 - A slogan, which has to be attractive.
 -Photographs, which should show the best of your company. What you do, your human capital and even the activities you do that are related to corporate social responsibility.
 -A map (with a link to Google Maps, if possible) where people can see where your company –or where it is headquartered-.
 -Link to the official website.

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