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Sharing your WhatsApp, when is the right time?

When we start talking to someone on a dating website we try to figure out if that person is what we're looking for. There're some aspects that we consider more important than others.

Giving our phone number is a whole new level, or at least it seems to be like for most people. Why? Because when you chat with someone on a dating website you can use a nickname and you feel "safe", but when you decide to share your cellphone number you're giving them a piece of true information about yourself.

When someone has your number they can call you anytime they want and that can be great and useful, but also a nightmare if that person turns out not to be what you were expecting.

Is it the same for girls and boys? We're all about gender equality, but the statistics show that girls are much more resistant to share their number than boys.


What about you, when do you feel like sharing your whatsapp number? Instantly? After I realize we share the same values, it could take weeks? After a couple of days? It depends on the person and the conversation? Or you wouldn't ever share your whatsapp?

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